What Are Triggers?

Trigger Behavior

Triggers are any action or non-action by another individual or a specific event or situation that assaults one’s Unconscious Motivators and, consequently, stimulates Shadow Behavior.
Whatever the case, they have the potential to set people off! And not in a good way…

Triggers may be verbal or non-verbal and they may be intentional or unintentional, conscious or unconscious.

Whatever the case, Triggers produce positive and negative responses.

Positive – if you know how to manage and anticipate them…

Negative – if they come out of left field.

You have your own set of Triggers, as does everyone else, and these are based on your PRINT.  Each person as a unique set of Triggers based on their own individual PRINT.

You’ve probably noticed how something that bothers you may have little impact on another person.


PRINT® helps identify the key Triggers for any given individual.

In an ideal world, Triggers wouldn’t affect you. You would live without stress in a continuous state of acceptance. You would tolerate all motives and behaviors different from yours. You would have perfect relationships … forever.

Of course, it’s unrealistic to expect this situation. Stress, pressure and demands are constants in your life. Others’ actions don’t always sit well with your way of thinking – and it affects you.

Fortunately, tools and strategies are available to avoid Triggers from getting the best of you. But before you can use them, you must become consciously aware of your Triggers.

That way you’ll understand what potential issues – and the associated emotional and physical feelings – set you off.

It’s this recognition and response that can change your potentially unproductive patterns into positive Best Self behaviors.

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