Help Students Make Life Decisions Even Easier

“American business schools should be teaching students how to improve systems, understand people and understand the product” – Dr. Edwards Deming

For students, knowing what activities they enjoy or subjects they excel in isn’t enough to ensure a successful and fulfilled career.

What’s more, during the college years, many students struggle even choosing a major. Yet they’re still expected to pick classes and start degree programs. And those who select majors often end up changing them – leading to more time spent in school and higher education costs.

Sure, programs and surveys are available to help students select areas of study best suited for them. But they only focus on observable behaviors and overlook the internal motivations that are critical to making the best choices in careers and life in general.

PRINT® accomplishes a number of objectives that benefit students, such as:

  • Selecting a Major – In addition to helping students hone in on a major that goes beyond activities they enjoy and excel in, PRINT identifies what’s needed to satisfy their Unconscious Motivators® and minimize their Triggers.
  • Exploring Careers – As with selecting a major, PRINT reveals internal needs that must be met in order to find a fulfilling career. The method goes beyond likes and desires or talents and strengths, and instead identifies what motivates a student at a core level.
  • Searching Jobs – PRINT provides a platform for students to identify prospective jobs, positions and potential organizational cultures/work environments that increase the likelihood of getting their Unconscious Motivators® met and keeping them in “Best Self” (i.e., positions that minimize their Triggers).
  • Preparing Resumes and for Interviews – Students can enhance their resumes and better prepare for interviews by incorporating key information contained in their PRINT and Trigger reports. This information helps demonstrate an even greater level of insight and self awareness.

You can successfully introduce PRINT at any stage of the career counseling process. Of course, in cases where a student seeks out the learning early on, a common information base is created through PRINT. So each phase can easily build on the previous one.