Why PRINT is the Next Step After Traditional Assessments

You’re likely familiar with assessments such as Kolbe, Myers Briggs, DISC and StrengthsFinder – and may have even gone through some of their evaluations.

If so, you’ve made a smart decision.

These programs do an exceptional job of describing and categorizing behavior, as well as helping you discover what’s a strong fit for your personality. You learn how to better match yourself to situations, get along with others and be your most productive self.

And while PRINT helps you understand this information, it’s only a small piece of what we do for you. You see, just recognizing your likes and dislikes doesn’t create peak performance.

That’s why PRINT was designed as the next step after traditional assessments.

PRINT targets the root cause of problematic behavior so you can stay in your Best Self.

Remember, you also have “Shadow” self who has the same likes and dislikes – but it’s not performing.

Also, PRINT doesn’t deal with changing behaviors. Instead, the program targets the Triggers (or external circumstances) that cause Shadow Behavior and then helps you eliminate them.

When those Triggers go away – whether you’re in a bad job or work with people who get on your nerves – a whole host of Shadow Behavior falls away.

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