About Our Company

The Paul Hertz Group is a consulting and training firm founded in 1981 and specializes in the improvement of productivity and performance. Known for being results and solutions driven, the firm has enjoyed a leading reputation in the areas of organizational effectiveness and change management.

At the helm of The Paul Hertz Group is the company’s president, Dr. Paul Hertz, who began his consulting career as a protégé of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the primary force behind the worldwide Quality Movement. In the early 1980s, they co-founded the Deming Institute for the Improvement of Quality and Productivity.

Dr. Hertz started The Paul Hertz Group in 1981 and over the next two decades, personally coached hundreds of leaders and managers. It was during this time that Dr. Hertz and his team began to see the indisputable connection between motivation and performance and proved scientifically that many of the “blockers” to improving individual and organizational performance were rooted in people’s underlying motivational traits.

Intrigued by this connection, as well as the persistence of dysfunctional behavior in organizations, Dr. Hertz invented PRINT®, a revolutionary system for personal, interpersonal and organizational growth and development.

Our Team

Dr. Paul Hertz Dr. Paul Hertz (PRINT® 1-5)
President & CEO

Dr. Paul Hertz, founder and architect of the revolutionary PRINT® system of improving personal, interpersonal, and organizational outcomes, is a pioneer in the fields of Unconscious Motivators and Organizational Effectiveness, with over 30 years of experience delivering his PRINT® program to individuals and businesses worldwide.

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Debra LevineDebra Levine, MBA (PRINT® 8-1)
Executive Vice President

As EVP since 1987, Debra Levine has been a major force behind the development of many of the company’s solutions-driven products and services. She is also responsible for assessing client needs, generating tailored programs and strategies to meet these needs, and overseeing the deployment of these programs and strategies by trainers, consultants and coaches in the field.

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