About Paul Hertz (PRINT® 1-5)

Paul Hertz and Edwards DemingDr. Paul Hertz, founder and architect of the revolutionary PRINT® system of improving personal, interpersonal, and organizational outcomes, is a pioneer of Unconscious Motivators® and Organizational Effectiveness, with over 30 years of experience delivering his PRINT® program to individuals and businesses worldwide.

Dr. Hertz earned his MBA and Ph.D. in Statistics from New York University’s Stern Graduate School of Business Administration. While studying for these graduate degrees, Dr. Hertz met the legendary Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the driving force behind America’s Quality Revolution, who used statistical science to improve process quality, management and overall outcomes in numerous industries.

Connecting with Dr. Deming became one of the most influential and inspirational experiences of Dr. Hertz’s life. Throughout his early career, Dr. Hertz studied, taught, and worked closely with Dr. Deming.

Some of Dr. Hertz’s accolades from this relationship include:

  • Membership in Dr. Deming’s National Statistics Honor Society at New York University Stern Graduate School of Business Administration
  • Co-founding the Deming Institute for the Improvement of Quality and Productivity with Dr. Edwards Deming and was an Executive Director of the Institute.
  • Publishing a position paper on the Deming Method in the Harvard Business Review
  • Being among a small, select group of professionals who, at the request of Dr. Deming, assisted him during his four-day George Washington University seminars.
  • Membership in an exclusive group, created by Dr. Deming, called the Cosmos Club.
  • Being invited to write the article on Dr. Deming’s teachings in Quality Magazine’s 25th anniversary issue, alongside articles by Dr. Joseph Juran, Tom Peters, and Philip Crosby

In 1981, Dr. Hertz founded the Paul Hertz Group.

The purpose was to bring his expertise and interpretation of Dr. Deming’s philosophy to a wider audience, while also incorporating components of interpersonal relationships and underlying motivational traits to an analytical and statistically driven science.

Over the the next two decades, Dr. Hertz developed curriculum and program delivery methods to help organizations overcome growth and transformation challenges. In spearheading programs for Leadership Excellence, Team Building, Talent Enhancement and Process Improvement/Innovation, Dr. Hertz drew important and indisputable connections between individuals’ performance and underlying motivators.

His research proved that many roadblocks for improving individual and organizational performance were, in fact, dictated by people’s innate motivators. This realization was the foundation for the development of the revolutionary PRINT® system, which today is used by hundreds of organizations to drastically improve factors vital to success and sustainability, including:

  • Management Processes
  • Leadership Skills
  • Team Performance
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Communication Skills
  • Employee Placement
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Adapting to Change
  • Resource Management
  • Individual Performance
  • Innovation
  • Employee Engagement
  • Time Management

Dr. Hertz has written a number of articles about the PRINT® system and the science of Unconscious Motivators, including works in such prestigious publications as Harvard Business Review, Industry Week, Quality Magazine, and CIO Insight.