Why You Can’t Overlook These Motivations That Drive Feelings and Actions

It’s natural for you to relate to others in the context of how you like to be related to.

However, successful leaders who know and use PRINT®, appreciate the danger in this practice. Using your own motivations means you overlook others’ underlying motivations that drive feelings and actions. As a result, you increase the probability of problems and underperformance.

On the other hand, when you can truly step into others’ shoes – as you can with PRINT – your communication and action can bring about the best possible outcomes.

You know what words bring out the best in others. You know how to match assignments in a way that makes projects more meaningful for recipients. And you know how to better tie recognition to the objectives and needs of a particular person.

The bottom line: PRINT improves the motivational and expectation-setting capabilities of managers.

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