How PRINT® Improves Leadership and Personal Productivity

Excerpts from a Major Government Agency’s Executive Manager:

Major Government AgencyPlease let me share a little about our experience with PRINT and the Paul Hertz Group.

This program will help your organization if you think there are barriers or dysfunctional issues preventing your employees from becoming the team you want, and most importantly, if you are committed to improve your team’s performance.

PRINT® has helped us and raised our awareness of how others in the workplace view the world and react to situations. Unlike other training scenarios along these lines, this had more immediate value and was more easily applied. It has been well worth the investment in our case.

To explain why I did this, I need to provide some background.

As a new Executive manager, I was responsible for managing a large office. Although generally viewed as a very successful office, I found there were prevailing morale issues, including perceptions of favoritism; inconsistent discipline; gossiping; inadequate communication of standards and expectations to employees; and a failure to hold employees accountable.

If supervisors recommended discipline, in many cases management did not back them up.

I determined that I needed to assess where we were as an office. I used two tools to do this primarily.

First, to address the morale issues, I used the Paul Hertz Group’s Work Environment Survey (WES).

After this, we did PHG training on the Six Leadership Actions to help supervisors improve how they lead and manage subordinates in a positive manner.

I also had assessments for myself and all mangers and supervisors completed using the Paul Hertz Group Management Excellence Survey (MES) and used this information to help my managers and supervisors identify issues they needed to work on for improved performance. It was after these steps that I determined that the PRINT® training would be helpful.

Seeing how effective the Paul Hertz Group Facilitator was as a trainer in previous programs was an important part of my decision to go forward. Hence, I decided to “PRINT” our supervisory personnel. The overall consensus was that the learning was very beneficial.

The majority of my supervisors requested to have all of their subordinates also PRINTed.

Since our exposure to PRINT® and we are interacting with one another at a far better level.

  • Accountability has improved.
  • Standards and expectations are being delivered with greater consistency.
  • Communication is less contentious and there is less rework and higher productivity, which is essential as our budgets are being continually diminished.
  • Managers and supervisors are working on overcoming their personal barriers to meeting the goals that have been set forth for them.

Without PRINT®, they would not understand what these were, why they existed or how to deal with them. We are making great progress in this arena.

Recently, extreme external circumstances beyond my control have created consternation and stress for my staff. I wanted to be sure my team would be able to deal with difficult situations in healthy ways, especially when faced with situations they couldn’t control.

I called upon The Paul Hertz Group once again to help me accomplish this goal.

I could not have been more satisfied with the job that the Paul Hertz Group Facilitator, Dr. Eric Goldstein did.

He was incredible.

He hit all of the issues I needed addressed, and his refresher on PRINT® was tailored to our current needs and was well received by everyone.

The session accomplished exactly what I wanted and needed. I thank the entire Paul Hertz Group team for their preparation for the visit, and Eric particularly, for his outstanding insights and performance.”