Debra Levine, MBA (PRINT® 8-1)

Debra LevineAs EVP since 1987, Debra Levine has been a major force behind the development of many of the company’s solutions-driven products and services. She is also responsible for assessing client needs, generating tailored programs and strategies to meet these needs, and overseeing the deployment of these programs and strategies by trainers, consultants and coaches in the field.

In 1998, Debra achieved yet another milestone. Fascinated by the range of behaviors observed within client organizations, and fueled by a desire to understand the root issues responsible for such diversity of perspectives and behaviors, she developed, with Dr. Paul Hertz, the groundbreaking PRINT® system. This proprietary system, adopted by scores of private and public sector organizations, has made a powerful impact in helping people understand one another, get along better, build greater trust, improve their motivational and leadership skills, and be more personally productive and effective.

Debra played a significant role in not only co-developing PRINT® and co-authoring its many profiles and reports, she was also instrumental in expanding PRINT® into its many applications, including corporate hiring, leadership development, team building, sales effectiveness, embracing change (overcoming change traps) and innovative thinking (overcoming thinking traps) programs.

Debra Levine’s professional experience includes one additional highlight…serving as Administrative Director of the Deming Institute. In this capacity she managed initiatives focused on increasing the awareness of US business and industry about Dr. W. Edward Deming’s worldwide contributions to improving quality and productivity. Also during this time, Debra Levine received multiple citations in Dr. Deming’s book, Out of the Crisis and was featured in the March 1988 CPI Purchasing Magazine’s special quality issue in a full length article entitled “An Action Plan for Quality.”

Debra graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science and received an MBA from the University of Miami.