How Are You Protecting Your Most Important Investment?

Your organization’s well-being ultimately comes down to a single factor – your workforce.

When it’s strong, your organization is in position to thrive. Anything less and you leave your organization at risk for a host of employee-related problems.

Dr. Paul Hertz’s Work Environment Survey provides a way to identify and monitor your employees’ attitudes and needs. Statistically validated, the survey measures your employees’ attitudes toward their jobs and your organization as a whole.

You get candid feedback on 15 critical categories considered the defining elements of organizational health. Taken collectively, the data offers an overall understanding of employee satisfaction and provides the foundation for generating practical and positive change.

Our Work Environment Survey is also designed to assess how much employees feel challenged by their work, consider their tasks interesting and worthwhile, and find their relationships with managers and co-workers satisfying and cooperative in nature.

Keep in mind, your employees’ expectations of a productive and rewarding workday go beyond just getting paid. That’s why survey questions also allows employees to anonymously share their perceptions about initiating change. Furthermore, they can share insight into how well productivity, trust, creativity and participation are encouraged.

Lastly, employees lend input to issues such as compensation, benefits, organizational efficiency, job stability, work relations, and recognition for service.

After all employee information is collected, senior management/relevant personnel receive profiles and action plans are developed using PRINT®.

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