How to Understand Motivations to Create Greater Team Success

Build Better TeamsHigh-performance teams thrive through trust and an understanding of one another’s needs.

PRINT® allows your team members to not only understand each other’s needs, motivations, capabilities and perspectives, but also know exactly what’s required to support and foster the Best Self in others.

Discovery is made through a process that reveals what makes people tick. Once these core motivations (which operate on an unconscious level) are known and leveraged, you can use them to create greater collaboration, productivity and performance.

Team members learn others’ core motivations throughout the process. In some cases, behaviors must change to better serve the team’s goals. However, as members better understand their motivations (and others), a satisfied and higher performing team becomes the inevitable outcome.

PRINT was created for enlightened organizations that place high value in people, invest in their development and strive to maintain a positive culture.

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