How to Achieve Goals Based on Your Team’s Composition

Without an in-depth understanding of your team’s culture, reaching goals becomes increasingly difficult.

PRINT® allows you to quantify your team or organization’s culture and see a visual image – based on the predominating Unconscious Motivators® and their interplay – of how members function at their best. You also discover what gaps must be fixed in order for your team to accomplish critical tasks and goals.

Remember, it’s essential your team’s culture address the Unconscious Motivator needs of all your members. If not, people tune out and resist instruction. Furthermore, because their needs aren’t being met, productivity lags.

PRINT delivers a specific action plan to better facilitate goal achievement based on your team or organization’s composition.

For example, if the goal is to reduce “silo mentality,” you get an action plan that defines what must be done to ensure each member’s Unconscious Motivator needs are satisfied when the shift from silo mentality occurs.

The longer you fail to address these needs, the more difficult it becomes to accomplish your goals.

Remember, everyone operates from their own perspective.

By learning to tune in to others’ PRINTs – as a member of a team or with other executives/managers – you can connect from their perspective. The result is communication that wouldn’t have been possible before.

As useful and magical as PRINTs may seem, the real power comes about when applying the strategies that result from understanding others. These strategies unleash the full human potential that lies within each of us.

Levels of performance, productivity and success that were otherwise unattainable almost instantly become possible.

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